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Winrow Nurseries

Our range of ferns include evergreen varieties for all year round colour and textural interest. From the architectural Dicksonia antarctica (from licenced sources) to the less formal Dryopteris crista 'The King' and Polystichum polyblepharin, ferns make an invaluable contribution to the shady areas of the garden. We sell Matteucia struthiopteris all year round and in the spring we have a limited quantity of larger more mature plants grown open ground and potted.

We also stock the Hart's Tongue Fern - Asplenium scolopendrium, scolopendrium 'Angustatum' and scolopendrium 'Cristatum' and other beauties including Polystichum 'Herrenhausen', Athyrium niponicum 'Metallicum' and Dryopteris erythrosora prolifica. Our ferns come in 3 and 7.5 l pots and tree ferns usually in the larger pots over 20 l.

Plant Categories

Our registered customers receive regular samples and updates what’s looking good, ensuring access to the finest stock all year round.