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Winrow Nurseries

Our range includes deciduous Azalea mollis (Rhododendron mollis) usually in 10 litre pots and a variety of stunning colours. From yellow 'Anneke', pink 'Jolie Madame', 'White Road' and 'Hot Spur Red' we have colours to suit all tastes. In addition we stock around a dozen cultivars of hardy hybrid Rhododendrons in 5 or 10 litre pots including 'Blue Peter', 'Furnival's Daughter', 'Gomer Waterer', 'Madam Masson', 'Red Jack' and the lovely 'Percy Wiseman'. The delightfully scented Rhododendron luteum is also a popular choice.

Plant Categories

Our registered customers receive regular samples and updates what’s looking good, ensuring access to the finest stock all year round.

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