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Our range includes deciduous Azalea mollis (Rhododendron mollis) usually in 10 litre pots and a variety of stunning colours. From yellow 'Anneke', pink 'Jolie Madame', 'White Road' and 'Hot Spur Red' we have colours to suit all tastes. In addition we stock around a dozen cultivars of hardy hybrid Rhododendrons in 5 or 10 litre pots including 'Blue Peter', 'Furnival's Daughter', 'Gomer Waterer', 'Madam Masson', 'Red Jack' and the lovely 'Percy Wiseman'. The delightfully scented Rhododendron luteum is also a popular choice.

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Our registered customers receive regular updates of what’s looking good, ensuring access to the finest stock all year round. We can pick to order or you can book an appointment to chose your own plants.

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